Learning to breathe again

Obviously, yes,  every part of my body is aching tonight. Most especially my wrists and my arms. I am not young anymore. I am not that flexible as before. I cannot reach my toes, I cannot lift or twist my body like I used to do, but surprisingly, I still can lift my butt with that certain yoga position, i can do the child's post and keep my balance but definitely, not that locust position.

That one in the picture you're looking at, that's after my very first basic yoga class. I asked my yoga teacher to take a photo of me for this blog and as souvenir. A photo that would remind me that I was able to survive my first yoga class.

I was able to keep up with the rest of my yoga classmates. I scrambled while following the  instructions of the yoga teacher who can do all the positions with ease, with impeccable balance, with great stamina.

What do you expect from a tired Mom? lols!  I work. I am a very busy woman. My body and mind are both working, besides this, I try  maintain g…

7 Reasons to Visit Sto. Domingo Albay

From the time I started to love having succulents at home, I never stopped having them. There's this itch that every time I acquire one succulent after another - the desire is insatiable.  I therefore, am a succulent addict.

Last Sunday, my day off and "me" time, I decided to visit the nearby town of Sto. Domingo. Roughly, it took me only 20 plus minutes or so, hitched on my friend's motorcycle. The air was breezy, sun is not too hot, it was the perfect weather and it was a perfect ride - where you can smell the fresh air,  mesmerized by the vast green farms, cows grazing and the beautiful Mayon as the background.

I first visited the Sto. Domingo church, said a little prayer, then I headed to the supermarket, plaza, and finally the beach!

Not only for plants and my love for succulents and nature, I hope the following  reasons might make your trip interesting and worthwhile in Santo Domingo, Albay.

                                                           1.  Mayon


Corn bread, our family's favorite bread

I discovered baking  corn bread I guess when I was pregnant with Mikee. I was working home-based  that time. And because I was at home most of the time, I had the time to prepare meals for the family and try dishes and breads and pastries while waiting for the stork. That was years ago. Mikee is now three years old.

After I gave birth, I went back to work and was frantically busy with everything. Cooking and baking was put aside. But you know, when you're a Mom, there's always this longing to cook and bake something for the family. It happened again, the cooking muse found me again, one rainy afternoon trip when I was on my way home to Naga from Legazpi. As soon as I arrived Naga, I bought all the ingredients and baked again corn bread,our family's favorite bread.

I got the recipe from this website click this link for recipe. Corn bread's  origin according to some articles I read is from South America. This is a very quick and easy to bake bread that some even are mak…

8 tips on Self-Service Laundry

Seriously, in these times when househelps are so difficult to find and although washing machines are affordable but you don't have the time and water is scarce;  this do it yourself laundry is very helpful to family like us. I am very sure that this is also friendly and convenient to students, transients and busy working people.
I remember, my mom used to tell me, in those days, women gather in the river banks and wash their clothes there while listening to the radio or catching up with their daily lives or even sharing "tsismis" or gossip. These days, we all go to the self-service laundry.

Together with my 15-year old daughter Gabby, being first times in the self-service laundry, we tried and are compelled to do the laundry by ourselves because of the rainy weather and the absence of a househelp.

Going to the do- it- yourself laundry  is like going to a digital unknown. There's this techophobia or mechanophobia that bothers me everytime I encounter a different type…

Apicius Culinary School Naga : Every Dessert has a Story to Tell

Today, I will look at desserts on a different perspective. Because behind the sweetness and the sugar coats and the chocolates, there's an inspiring and sentimental stories to tell.

The puff pastries according to a very inspired guy   was told to have been folded for days for perfection.And it was heavenly.

 The cupcakes are just as sweet as  well as the wonderful story of the entrepreneurial spirit of the woman who baked it.

The crepe, it's thinness and smoothness as the filling just burst into your mouth. How come it reminded me of how the woman, a teacher from a far away town, dreaded the path of her comfort zone and did something she herself did not expect to do.

The French macarons, it's unforgettable. Just like a lost love, you will always long for the way it tastes and melt in your mouth.

Foccacia bread from now on will be eaten with the feeling of being hopeful and courage. As this bread reminded me of the story about a woman who never been in the kitchen but fea…